“Fixing Our Schools” This Sunday

“Fixing Our Schools,” a documentary on Fox News, will air this Sunday at 9 p.m. The segment will look at how schools are using digital learning to help improve education.

Juan Williams will serve as host and recently reminded us on Wall Street Journal that the U.S. ranks 30th world-wide in math and 23rd in science and 17th in literacy. He also shared an anecdote of one school district in North Carolina that recently catapulted to second in the state after the superintendent ”took the radical step of cutting back on teachers and using the money to give every student from third grade through high school a laptop computer.”

This tech update allowed both parents and teachers to better track students’ progress and data so struggling students could be better identified and advanced students could move more quickly through material.

Photo credit: http://www.pcjovenes.us/

This model is similar to that which was described by Tim Brady, partner and co-founder of Imagine K12, as what the ed tech revolution will look like during the “second wave,” which is projected to take place 5-10 years from now. Tim noted that online assessments will enable parents to better evaluate their child’s progress between report cards.

Once the North Carolina district implemented a more digital approach, their superintendant expressed how this empowered both parents and teachers:

“Our teachers are better informed, our parents are better informed, and our students are understanding what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.” – Mark Edwards

Who can argue with that? Knowledge is power.

Tune in live or fire up your DVR to learn more about fixing our schools this Sunday night.