MindSnacks Announces $6.5 Million Funding from Sequoia

MindSnacks today announced they’ve raised $6.5 million from Sequoia Capital to continue making educational mobile games.

MindSnacks games have over 4 million downloads to date and they will use the new funding to continue to make games for SAT prep and language-learning.

GigaOM covered the news this morning where CEO, Jesse Pickard, explained why MindSnacks’ quick-play learning games are beneficial:

“We’re stealing time away from these somewhat useless games that are great and entertaining, but that don’t have that positive impact at the end of the day for users in terms of leanring and self-improvement,” he said.

Rip Empson from TechCrunch also wrote how MindSnacks is using data from the game to analyze “how people learn, what words they get stuck on, and the types of grammar skills they breeze through.” This is where it could get really interesting. This type of data could help unlock new teaching methods or tips to help students learn better.