The Tabula Project Wants Your Support!

Have you ever seen that YouTube video of the baby swiping and touching a magazine as if it was an iPad? The intuitive nature of tablet computers seems almost second nature to us these days, even to an infant. “Touching, swiping, gesturing … it just makes sense.” said Noah Kravitz, founder of the Tabula Project, an effort to create tablet-based tools that support classroom teaching. Kravitz is a former computer teacher in the public school system and blogger for TechnoBuffalo.

Kravitz is hoping to raise $300,000 to get his project off the ground with a fundraiser page. As of this writing, the fundraiser has 20 days left to raise the money.

The power of tablet computers continues to increase and amazingly, the cost of them continues to drop. Their impact on the tech world is apparent at this very moment, and let’s not forget about the anticipated release of Windows 8, optimized for tablets. Kravitz believes it’s a no-brainer to start earnestly using tablets in education.

“We need smart tools designed with and for teachers to really make these things effective in schools,” Kravit said. “We need smart, professional development that not only trains teachers and educators about how to use tablets in their classrooms, but also lets them be part of a process.”

He describes the plan of the Tabula Project in a four-step process: 1. Build tools. 2. Test them in schools. 3. Learn from educators. 4. Repeat!

“We don’t think tablets are the future of education. Teachers are the future of education,” Kravitz said. “But tablets represent the next wave of innovative technology that’s just ripe for educational use.”

If you are interested in seeing how Tabula Project can use tablet technology in the classroom, head on over to the fundraiser page and pledge your support!

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