KinderTown: Editor’s Choice for Educational Apps

Educational startup KinderTown wants to be on the New York Times Bestseller List of educational apps. With the launch of KinderSights, a research utility that offers a series of monthly reports based on data gathered about the thriving market, the company aims to provide consumers and developers even more insight into the development and sale of educational apps for kids.

There is a veritable sea of educational apps available, and KinderTown is a tool for parents that allows them to browse those that have the company’s virtual seal of approval. The service, a kind of store-within-a-store, is quite popular among interested parents. The company announced in Kinder Sights’ press release that users have performed more than half a million searches for educational apps in their store. 

So what are parents looking for? KinderSights reports that the majority of searches are for language and math apps. Language constitutes 35%, math 34%, and social studies, art, and science comprise the rest.

KinderTown wants to use the data gathered in KinderSight to answer questions about the ever-growing educational app market. What gaps are there in the apps currently offered? Are certain subject matters missing? Are there apps for all ages, and how affordable are they?

App developers can also pay attention to the hard-to-answer business details by using KinderSight’s data. Developers want to know, what’s the best way to monetize an app? Should an app be subscription-based or rely on microtransactions? Or should it be completely free? By looking at KinderSight data, developers can gain a better understanding of how to conduct themselves on the business end.

According to a Wired article, KinderTown employs early childhood educators—people who actually know how to reach kids in the classroom—to help push the business forward. The company appears to be a real effort to promote a greater attention to detail and quality. The mobile app market can look to some like a “get rich quick” option, but with a respected certifier like KinderTown ready to judge an app on its merits and list it in on their store, developers must put forth more effort to seek their approval in order to reach the final customer.