Flunk Students, Pay Off Your Loans in New Online Game

First Tutor

Campus E-mail From: Dr. Nathaniel Paynuss, Ph.D. To: My blockheaded teaching assistant Subj: Sarah Wonderland “Look what this uncouth dingbat wrote about me on The Face Book. Let’s see how she feels with a flat-line GPA! Fail her and we Continue reading

“Gamification” Gets a Lab of Its Own … and $10.3 Million


John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Electronic Arts, and the Entertainment Software Association … add all these together to reach a sum of $10.3 million. No, it’s not for you. It’s for the Institute Continue reading

Free Textbooks — Pipe Dream or Impending Reality?


In arguably one of the most awkward episodes of the popular TV series The Office, the main character, Michael Scott, must face the fallout of the worst thing he’s ever done. Watch his terrible deed: The episode unfolds painfully as Continue reading

Bridging the Gender Gap — “Girls Who Code” Initiative Announced


If you happen to sit in on a computer science class in any typical American university, chances are you’ll notice that female students are few and far between. Nationally, representation of women in computing has decreased since the 1980s by Continue reading

Startup Clever Tackles the Data Entry Monster


Does anyone actually like data entry? It is possible, though not very likely, that there are some people out there who derive a special thrill from populating spreadsheets, but chances are education software developers are not among them. They’re computer Continue reading

The Silicon Bayou: Where Education Innovation is Brewing

4.0 Schools Headquarters in New Orleans

While Silicon Valley is the traditional hub for entrepreneurs to try to make it big and Silicon Alley is building a growing tech scene in New York, there is a new lesser-known center of innovation emerging: the Silicon Bayou. Anya Continue reading

Laptops and Learning: Making a Difference in One Girl’s English Education


I previously worked as an English tutor for a company funded by No Child Left Behind. I held the job on the side and only worked with one student, a girl in San Bernardino County. For the purpose of this Continue reading

“Learn Now, Lecture Later” Model Emerges

Teacher 1

As a teacher I always felt like I was a lousy lecturer, and thus I tried to limit lecture time in class at all costs. Perhaps my opinion is a bit biased, seeing as I’m generally my harshest critic when Continue reading

Blended Learning and Experimental Higher-Ed Models Awarded NGLC Grants


  Next Generation Learning Challenges has completed its third wave investment wave, providing thirteen programs with a total of $4.5 million in grants. Indirectly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the NGLC aims to reduce high school drop-out, Continue reading

Favorite TED-Ed Videos

Ted Ed

Who remembers the Schoolhouse Rock videos? When I was in third grade, our teacher showed us the multiplication series to learn our times tables. We lived for the days she showed us those videos because they were fun to watch. They Continue reading