Teaching Creativity and Innovation Rather than Memorization

Jennifer Medbery recently posted an article on Fast Company‘s Co.Exist asserting that classrooms should teach children creativity and entrepreneurship. She notes that measuring students’ success is important but believes that “American classrooms are measuring the wrong thing.”

With information widely available digitally and with Google making it easy to search for information quickly and easily, memorization of facts and formulas is less important. Jennifer explains, “The primary purpose of teaching can now shift away from ‘stand and deliver’ and becomes this: to be relentless about making sure every student graduates ready to tinker, create, and take initiative.”

The article goes on to call out a few forward-thinking schools trying to put this plan into action, including the Science Leadership Academy, Big Picture Learning schools, the Academy for Software Engineering, and Bricolage Academy. Visit http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679771/reinventing-education-to-teach-creativity-and-entrepreneurship to learn more.

Jennifer Medbery