Rethink Education’s Bright Future: Investment Backing Provides Boost

Rethink Education from White Plains, NT is an investment fund devoted to education solutions.

Rick Segal is CEO of Seavest Inc, a private investment firm focused on real estate and private equity. Rethink Education caught the man’s eye enough to invest in it, and now it has $50 million at its disposal. Segal is also a member of the board of directors of SchoolNet Inc., a provider of software solutions for public school systems.

Rethink Education focus reads:

“Our education system is one of the last places to be remade by technology. That’s about to change. We are investing in the people, ideas and companies that are rethinking the way we learn and teach. Today. Rethink Education seeks to invest in progressive growth-stage companies that are at the forefront of the education technology industry and have the capacity to make positive impacts on our communities.”

Its portfolio includes an impressive number of educational initiatives.

Engrade is an online gradebook that connects schools directly to parents with web-based classroom tools.

Rethink Autism provides web-based educational treatment options for autism assessment, training, curriculum and data tracking.

Education Elements is a “blended learning”—mixture of traditional face-to-face classroom time with modern computer-mediated activities—option for K-12 classrooms.

Smarterer is a crowdsourced-central platform designed to score individuals on digital, social and technical skills. Know a thing or two about Photoshop? Show Smarterer what you know.

StraighterLine offers web-based introductory level college courses, designed around the students own pace and speed. Any colleges or universities partnered with StraighterLine offer credit for courses completed through the program.

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The future of Rethink Education seems poised for greatness. With $50 million in investment backing, their portfolio could likely swell and include other great initiatives in implementing technology into how we will learn in the future.