Recommended Apps for Children with Learning Disabilities

Children are battling with learning disabilities every day. As doctors hone their methods for diagnosing disorders like autism, parents and teachers are looking for more ways to assist their children in the classroom.

Education World recommends five mobile apps for children with learning disabilities.

iCommunicate—Developed by Grembe Apps, iCommunicate allows the user to create storyboards, schedules, routines, speech cards and other interactive learning tools using text-to-speech technology. A parent could upload a photo of their child, and the child could use the reference as a method of improving communication.

AutismXpress—Described as a tool for visually conveying emotions, the app’s purpose is helping austistic children display emotions.

Eye Contact Zoo—Learning tool company FizzBrain developed this app designed to assist children in learning basic eye contact social skills. Children affected by autism and Asperger’s syndrome often avert their eyes when communicating and can (sometimes) be considered an early warning sign for such disorders.

iSpeech—Developed in conjunction with a  speech pathologist, iSpeech is designed as a tool for basic speech therapy. It is recommended as a tool parents can use outside of regular speech sessions. Many children with speech disorders have trouble with individual phonemes. iSpeech is geared toward training children in specific letter sounds like “ck” or “sh”.

Dragon Dictation—Voice recognition software that translates students words to text. For children with difficulty reading and writing, the ability to speak one’s words and have them show up on a screen can be an invaluable learning tool.