“Play” Your Tuition Bills

It seems too good to be true, but it is! Inside Higher Ed today explored the inner workings of social game platform, Grantoo. Grantoo partners with major brands to sponsor online game tournaments for college students to “play” their tuition bills. Winners receive tuition grants to help pay for textbooks, housing, and other school costs by playing games such as poker, crossword puzzle, and trivia.

It’s no secret that student debt is piling up; over $1 trillion! Grantoo is helping out as much as possible by taking the games students are already playing and working with charitable brands to allow students to have fun while also alleviating their financial burden.

Grantoo also wants to encourage students be philanthropic, so every student must pledge at least 10% of their potential winnings to a charity. More good news, college students so far are donating at least 35% of their money to a cause of their choice.

Sound intriguing? Check out Allie Grasgreen’s article on Inside Higher Ed with interviews from Grantoo co-founders, an administrator from Columba University, and the director of Adolescent Communication Institute at UPenn:


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