InstaEDU Video Tutoring Service Lands Investment Capital

InstaEDU, a video chat tutoring service just secured a slick $1.1 million from Chamath Palihapitiya’s fund The Social+Capital Partnership, a new venture fund which focuses on technology, healthcare, education and financial sectors. TriplePoint currently shares the same building as the InstaEDU headquarters in downtown San Francisco and has been following the startup’s news and updates. InstaEDU co-founder and CEO, Alison Johnston, also spoke at Technapex’s first EduTech panel on March 28.

The service is designed to be ultra personal. Tutors are university-hired students or recent graduates who list their expertise on Facebook or their Google accounts. InstaEDU points out that 55% of student-tutor matches made in under a minute, getting video chat sessions up and running quickly and efficiently.

As impressive as 55% sounds, InstaEDU seems poised to improve it even more. An article on writes that the “$1.1 million could make InstaEDU even more personal, funding development of a matching engine that could pair students with tutors who have similar interests. If you’re a struggling high school football player, you might be a lot more receptive to American History assistance from a former Stanford football player.”

InstaEDU aims to fill the gap in person-to-person interaction with online tutoring help. We all know that learning something from an actual human is vastly different than Googling something or reading it in a textbook. Some might even say it’s better.

What about you? Is it 2 a.m. wherever you are and Wikipedia or that big McGraw-Hill book just isn’t cutting it? Take InstaEDU for a 15-minute test drive with this free trial.