Trend: Growing Number of Investments & Start-Ups Working to Crack the Education Market

Education tech is the hottest trend hitting Silicon Valley. According to the Wall Street Journal, technologists are becoming more interested in turning education into profitable businesses. This growing interest is fueling start-ups to innovate in the education space to make the tired old models more efficient.

Here are some surprising numbers from the article:

  • Venture Capitalists invested $429.1 million in 82 education-tech deals last year.
  • Just the year before, VCs invested $334.3 million in 58 deals.
  •  The K-12 education software and digital content industry is estimated at $7.5 billion in the US

Although funding seems to be draining from public education, there is no shortage of investments in the ed-tech business world. Within the next year or two, we may just witness a positive technology shock to the education system – one that many tech-savvy education leaders believe it’s been needing for a long time.

For more information, you can read the Wall Street Journal article here.