TED-Ed Allows Teachers to Customize Learning Content Around TED Videos

The last time we talked about TED-Ed here at Technapex, they had just launched their YouTube channel so curated TED videos would be freely accessible to YouTube’s large audience. Yesterday, TED-Ed announced their  new website, ed.ted.com, where teachers can better integrate TED videos with assessment tools and supplemental content. Currently in beta and only hosting 65 videos to play with, TED-Ed’s website offers extra features that frame each video:

  • Meet the Creators: View profiles of the experts who made the lesson
  • Quick Quiz: Five multiple choice questions
  • Think: Short answer questions
  • Dig Deeper: Resources for discovering more about the video’s topic

We’re not just flipping the classroom here, teachers can also flip the video; this means teachers can pick and choose which multiple choice questions they would like to pair with the video their students are watching. Once you click “Flip the lesson” the video and its relevant questions/resources are hosted on a private link that teachers can share with their students and integrate better with their curriculum.

TED-Ed is turning up the heat! As they come out of beta, it’ll be interesting to see how many teachers utilize TED-Ed’s tools to teach their students. Fortunately, TED-Ed is big on curation so teachers will have high-quality videos to choose from.


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