Interactive Whiteboards – The Next iPad?

In a recent press release, Simba Information showed just how impactful interactive whiteboards have become, stating that interactive whiteboards (or IWBs) “were used in 29.5% of K-12 classrooms for at least 5.1 hours a day…IWBs were found to have the most penetration of any recent tech device, with an average usage of over 70% in all major subject areas in elementary schools. IWBs were reported to have had a significant impact on student achievement by 60.7%…”

I found these statistics to be very surprising. iPads seem to be everywhere these days – subways, cafes, schools, offices, but I have yet to encounter an interactive whiteboard (even in my college classrooms). However, the trend is heading towards making IWBs more mainstream so we can definitely expect to see these around a lot more often in the next year or so.