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Last year, the TED organization announced TED-Ed, an initiative to create shorter form TED videos for young students to learn about different topics such as science or language. Today, TED-Ed has created a YouTube channel where students can start watching 10-minute videos and teachers can start integrating these easily accessible videos into their curriculum.

I’m loving what TED-Ed is doing for two reasons. First, the content is free and distributed though YouTube’s immense reach. Whether young people are home-schooled or in public school, on a desktop or tablet, in Africa or in the States,  students everywhere can benefit from these videos.

Second, TED-Ed is using crowd-sourced and collaborative media to educate. In its introductory video (below), TED-Ed members explain their desire to find teacher’s best lessons and pair them with crowd-sourced animation. Collaborative media is not a new concept, but the internet and audio technology is enabling people to connect talent and create original content.

TED-Ed’s videos will contribute to Khan Academy’s mission to “flip the classroom.” Ideally, students will watch these short videos at home and the classroom will be used for discussion rather than the traditional lecture. TED-Ed has approximately 15 short lessons right now, but will be expanding their initiative with more interactive tools in the coming months. Technapex will be following closely and looking forward to new videos that come up.


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