The Teaching Channel: Inspiring Classrooms

The pariSoma EduTech Mixer last night had a great turnout with a handful of education tech startups demoing and pitching their products. Attendees included investors, entrepreneurs, teachers and locals interested in learning more about education tech in general.

Education Tech Startups Demoing at pariSoma's EduTech Mixer

One company demoing was The Teaching Channel. On The Teaching Channel, anyone can find tips for being a more effective teacher and connect with a community of educators. The videos are high quality and content ranges from featuring lesson ideas to tips for classroom management. 

I spoke with one of the video editors for the site, Casey, who has traveled all across the country to film the best teachers in action and share their advice. To identify top teachers, Casey simply asks around town and people point him to inspiring, energetic instructors. Oftentimes people don’t know why exactly a teacher is considered to be great – it’s something they can’t quite put their finger on. But now The Teaching Channel is gathering ideas from the best and the brightest to help inspire educators everywhere. Perhaps these videos will help it become more clear what it takes to be an effective educator. Should there be more specific metrics to evaluating what makes a “good” teacher? Let us know what you think!