Stealth Education through Real-World Gaming

As anybody old enough to have whiled away the hours playing Oregon Trail and Number Munchers on their school’s decrepit Apple IIe computer can tell you, educational games are nothing new. Still, the best-taught lesson is one that a student willingly undertakes, and that appears to be the tactic from a few new game startups, including Fiveonenine, and TriplePoint client Playmatics. According to a story on TechCrunch, these two companies are designing new titles that pull their data from real-world facts and events, running their in-game stories alongside news occurring out in reality. Playmatics’ Shadow Government, for example, uses economic and government simulation data from the Millenium Institute to shape its in-game virtual countries, while Fiveonenine’s games like Political Rampage takes its subject matter from journalistic sources such as The E.W. Scripps Company.

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