OneSchool Secures $750K Funding, Launches College Management App for Students

College may be the best time of your life, but nobody promised it would be easy. In between studying for your mid-terms in kinesthesiology, electrical engineering, and classic British literature, your mind is going to be pretty well occupied – so who has time to remember how late the campus shuttle runs, or which textbooks you’ll need for the next term?

OneSchool, a TriplePoint client, now has an app for that. Released earlier this year for eight universities nationwide, OneSchool is available for iOS and Android devices, offering a free way to manage one’s campus groups, class locations, and even dining options.

If you attend Stanford University, Yale University, Penn State University, Columbia University, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Houston, or University of Waterloo, you should check out the app at this link.