Infographic: The Truth About Facebook & Grades

It’s beautiful day in the bay! It may feel like summer vacation, but college students everywhere are spending their day cooped up in libraries and cafés. Yep – It’s midterms season!

I’ll have to admit that when the tests start, all of a sudden, everything on Facebook becomes so much more interesting.  On more than one occasion, I have had to have a friend change my password so that I would not be tempted to check my newsfeed or update my status over something utterly mundane just to avoid reading another 20 pages for finals.

So this brings us to the question that has plagued students ever since Zuckerberg decided to launch the site that would make him a multi-billionaire: Does Facebook kill productivity and student grades?

A study conducted by Dr. Rey Junco seeks to answer just that question. Junco collected responses from over 1,800 college students attending public school in the United States. Junco’s article on the details of the study and the methods used can be found here. In the article’s abstract, Junco states that “because of the social media platform’s widespread adoption by college students, there is a great deal of interest in how Facebook use is related to academic performance” and that his study “fills a gap” in previous studies by examining multiple measures of Facebook use and activities. 

The results were collected in an infographic published by and shows that it’s not necessarily Facebook that negatively affects students’ grades, but how they use it.