Education Startups to Watch

If you keep up with certain blogs – like, for instance, this one – you’re well aware that technology and education are coming together on a frequent basis, redefining the learning process by providing new media for both educators and students alike. Nowhere is this more evident than the web, with new startups appearing every day whose sole purpose is to enable students a simpler, smoother, and more efficient path to the education they want. Here, as selected by Business Insider, are just a handful of such startups currently making their mark in the New York tech scene.

Perhaps a student might begin with Knewton, a startup which seeks to help students decide upon the education that’s right for them, letting users define a hand-picked curriculum outside of the classroom’s pre-arranged lesson plan. From there, perhaps they can consult Noodle, a new search engine that will find you a school based on your location and specific needs – or Tutorspree, a new online tutor marketplace. With any luck, thanks to 2tor, they won’t even have to leave the house, thanks to a new initiative to bring several universities’ degree programs completely online.

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