Collect Yoops, Learn Math

Alleyoop, an online learning tool with social media mechanics, launched last week.  Made specifically for teens, students can visit Alleyoop’s website to start doing learning exercises for free and earn virtual currency called Yoops. Collecting Yoops as you complete challenges opens up even better learning opportunities like one-one-one tutoring.

The team behind Alleyoop is driven by their mission of helping students to be “college ready.” The company website states that 5 out of 6 middle and high school students will not succeed in college. Students already spend hours on the computer every day, why not use the time to learn?

Though Alleyoop is not the first to implement game mechanics into learning, Alleyoop differs from competitors because it does not create any content. Alleyoop has branded itself the “Zynga of learning,” serving as a platform that delivers ready-made learning content instead of games. Pearson, an investor in the startup, has a lot of content to offer as well as other paid sites that want to feature their content on the site.

Taking a note from social games’ freemium model, Alleyoop has implemented a structure where students can learn for free and earn virtual currency or simply purchase Yoop bundles with real money. On the website, you’ll find monthly subscription packages that include some tutoring sessions, thousands of Yoops, and unlimited math activities and videos.

For now, Alleyoop is focusing on math (the weakest subject among surveyed teens and parents) with plans to expand to other subjects and age ranges soon.

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Account Executive at TriplePoint's SF office

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