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EduTech explores how tech startups can help education but what if tech startups are the education? New educational program, E[nstitute], is introducing an alternative to traditional post secondary schooling by offering 18-24 year olds who hold a high school degree a 2-year apprenticeship at some of the top startups in New York City. The idea comes from traditionally educated co-founders Kane Sarhan and Shaila Ittycheria who are challenging the current model and asserting that we “learn by doing.”

In the first year of the program, students will shadow their mentor to get a grand scope of entrepreneurship and the start-up environment. In the second year of the program, “students” develop deeper skills in a specific concentration such as sales, product management, marketing & PR. Of course, this program can’t prepare students for highly technical careers like engineering, but it doesn’t try to.

The program is only accepting 15 students for its inaugural class so don’t expect the traditional education system to be shaken up just yet. Personally, I think there are things beyond course curriculum that one learns in 4 years of college that will serve you well in your future career such as social skills, critical thinking skills, and even a professional network. It’ll be interesting to see where the graduates of this program go afterwards.

Find out who the program’s first mentors will be by visiting www.enstituteu.com

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