Infographic: The Truth About Facebook & Grades


It’s beautiful day in the bay! It may feel like summer vacation, but college students everywhere are spending their day cooped up in libraries and cafés. Yep – It’s midterms season! I’ll have to admit that when the tests start, Continue reading

The Teaching Channel: Inspiring Classrooms

Education Tech Startups Demoing at pariSoma's EduTech Mixer

The pariSoma EduTech Mixer last night had a great turnout with a handful of education tech startups demoing and pitching their products. Attendees included investors, entrepreneurs, teachers and locals interested in learning more about education tech in general. One company Continue reading

Stealth Education through Real-World Gaming


As anybody old enough to have whiled away the hours playing Oregon Trail and Number Munchers on their school’s decrepit Apple IIe computer can tell you, educational games are nothing new. Still, the best-taught lesson is one that a student willingly undertakes, Continue reading

How technology will help people with dyslexia graduate (and how it already has)


Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disorders, affecting between 5% and 10% of the population, so it’s no surprise that technology is being developed to help students with dyslexia.  And the need is there – high school dropout Continue reading

The Gamification of Education [Infographic]


Knewton, an EduTech company in NYC, posted an infographic today about the gamification of education. In case you haven’t heard the term, gamification is defined as “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.” You may have come across Continue reading

Dark Cloud over Airy Labs

Report Card

Even the best-intentioned company can run afoul of trouble, and the education tech space is not immune. Airy Labs, a startup dedicated to educational games, is run by Andrew Hsu, recipient of a Thiel Fellowship from the “20 Under 20” Continue reading

Education Startups to Watch


If you keep up with certain blogs – like, for instance, this one – you’re well aware that technology and education are coming together on a frequent basis, redefining the learning process by providing new media for both educators and Continue reading

iPads Revolutionizing Autism Education


Many use iPads for daily activities such as scheduling, emailing, web surfing, watching videos, and gaming, but autism classrooms are finding that the iPad can be used for so much more. This revolutionary Apple gadget has been hailed as a Continue reading